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RIT Archives StoryBooth collection


As part of our commitment to collecting the cultural heritage and history of RIT, the RIT Archives launched a new StoryBooth program in Fall 2022 to document the voices of our campus community. By participating in the StoryBooth, interviewees add invaluable knowledge, memories and experiences to our collections, thereby advancing our shared understanding of what it means to be a part of RIT, and ensuring that diverse expressions are represented for generations to come.


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Steven Simmons, a second-year International Business major, and Yusef Ibrahim, a second-year Electrical Engineering Technology major, discuss their experiences as students of color during Together RIT 2022.

Zoii Henry, a fourth-year International student from Jamaica, discusses their experiences with race at RIT.

Surabha Singh discusses her experience as a student of color during Together RIT 2022.

RIT student Avery Prince answers RIT Archives StoryBooth prompts for Together RIT 2022.

Dr. Taj Smith, Executive Director for Culture and Diversity Education, Diversity and Inclusion, speaks on his experiences with leading the inaugural event of Together RIT: A day of Understanding, Solidarity and Racial Recognition, held on October 21,…

Jay Riley, Jr., a fourth-year Graphic Design major from Downingtown, Pennsylvania, shares their experiences designing the poster for the inaugural Together RIT event, and answers the RIT Archives StoryBooth prompt, “As a person of color attending a…

Laila Mashayekhi, a fifth-year engineering student, discusses her work in the Women in Engineering (WE

Syeda Nushrat (she/hers), RIT Student, discusses what she has learned about the new Student Hall for Exploration and Development (SHED) and her experiences using it as a College of Art and Design student.

Joshua Gleason (he/they), a second-year Industrial Design student at RIT, discusses a 3D Workshop he attended at the Student Hall for Exploration and Development (SHED), and how the new building is a hub for student exploration and connection.

Aaliyah John (she/her), RIT Student, discusses what she has learned about the various tools and creative opportunities for students, staff, and faculty of all backgrounds in the new Student Hall for Exploration and Development (SHED) during its Open…
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